Glades Lawn Mowing & Landscaping Services

Lawn Mowing Services

Glades Landscaping specializes in quality, reliable, lawn mowing.

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Landscaping Services

Affordable professional services to keep your property looking its best

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Seasonal Cleanups

We revive your property's lawn in the Spring and keep it clean in the fall

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Why Use Glades Landscaping For Your Lawn Mowing and Landscaping Needs

What makes our lawn mowing services standout?

  • The fairest rates you will find
  • Attention to the details, we do not skip any steps in maintaining a beautiful lawn
  • We know what our customers want, and we make sure they get it
  • We actually talk to our customers, no computer answering systems or answering services here
  • A responsible, professional, reliable, and competent service - The owner is hands on to ensure this level of service


Who Is Glades Landscaping Anyway?

Founder and owner of Glades Landscaping, Rich Lydon began his work in the landscape field at a young age, providing lawn mowing services for the neighbors lawns, pushing a lawnmower around his Minot Neighborhood after school and on the weekends.  Through his teen and college years he worked for a local professional landscaping company further developing his skills in management and independently supervising a landscaping and lawn mowing crew.   With his experience, love of the outdoors, and enjoyment working with people, Rich took the next step and created Glades Landscaping in 2002. A successful lawn mowing and grass cutting business for over 15 years Rich and the Glades Landscaping team pride themselves on providing exceptional customer service, professional level service, with friendly and competent employees.

Our goal is to keep your lawn beautiful and your neighbor in envy 🙂

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