Mulch Services

Glades Landscaping knows how important mulch can be to your lawn. Adding mulch can help your landscape in many ways

  • Mulch serves as a block for slow evaporation rates of the soil. When mulch is loose and not condensed it will act to slow the rate that water evaporates. Once condensed into the soil it offers much less water loss protection.
  • Mulch will dry surfaces so stems will not lay on damp ground which causes rot.
  • Mulch can also suppress weed seed germination because they block the seeds from much needed daylight. We typically recommend a three inch layer.
  • Mulch lessens the amount of splashes on to plant stems which in turn suppresses the spread of some diseases
  • Mulch can provide warmer soil temperatures
  • Mulch will keep the soil cooler since the soil stays moist for a much longer time period.
  • Mulches makes availablesoil conditioning caused while they break down and decay. More organics improve soil tilth, the structure of soil. Great tilth will increase the movement of both air and water moving through the dirt.
  • Mulch when laid loosely on top of the soil will absorb the impact of heavy rain, this will work to slow down the compaction rate slowing run-off and helps to prevent soil errosion.
  • Mulch is applied to supplement a low mineral content.
    Mulch is great at unifying a diverse planting scheme.

As seen above the benefits of using Mulch go beyond just normal curb appeal and we love using it on our customers landscaping so feel free to give us a call for a free estimate today or just fill out the quote request box at the top right of this page!

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